Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 100th Episode (May 7)

Last night, the “one armed bandit”, aka Cristian de la Fuente, took over the ballroom.  And, Tom reminds us, even though this is the big 100th episode extravaganza, the celebration will be over for one star tonight.  Is this on tape, Tom?  No, it’s LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

And guess what?  My friend is there–for realsies! I bet he could rub Joey Lawrence’s bald head if he really wanted to right now.  Tom and Samantha, who is clad in a a strapless, tiered black gown and awesome chandelier earrings, welcome us to the festivities. They waste no time in throwing it right to a dance featuring some of the show’s past and current pros.  The usual suspects are there, but I’m way excited to see Maks and my favorite lil’ cutie, Ashley Del Grosso, in the group!  She looks great, by the way.  The show stopping moment of the routine is Karina hurling herself from the stage into the waiting arms of Jonathan and Maks.  All in all, a fun number.

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