Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars – Episode 200 Part Two!

Previously on Dancing with the Stars:  The 200th episode celebration gave us recreations of classic DWTS performances, guest judges, and the weird spectacle of Kathy Ireland sitting right next to Chuck Liddell.  What do you suppose the two of them talked about during the commercials?

As per usual, Jennifer Grey and Brandy are at the top, Rick Fox and Kurt Warner are in the middle, and Bristol Palin and Kyle Massey find themselves at the bottom.  The voting’s been weird this year, though.  There’s a half-decent chance the audience will end up voting out Len before the show is over.

Gravity Defyer $10 OFF $125 ORDER Tonight’s reality show is 90 minutes long – it’s feature-length!  Actually, it looks like they built time for election coverage into the show.  Immediately, Tom Bergeron kicks it to my local news team for two minutes.  I’m not going to be recapping any of that.

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