Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars: Episode 200!

Previously on Dancing with the Stars:  America finally got creeped out by Audrina Patridge’s dead behind the eyes facial expressions and voter her off, even though she actually danced quite well.  Her mom got liquored up and yelled at TMZ about it for twenty minutes or so.  But all that is in the past.  Tonight is the big 200th Episode!

Honestly, I’m really excited about this.  The thing is, and I’m sure Myndi will agree with me, this show is so much fun to watch.  Even when it’s not my week to recap, I’m glued to the couch when the performance show comes on, and as much as I complain about the filler segments and the weird musical interpretations, I legitimately love this show.  So congratulations on all the episodes, guys!

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