Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars: Performance Week 4 (Oct 14)

There are still nine people left in this competition.  This season is taking approximately EVER.  One thing I know, however, is that it all will take place LIVE!!!!!!!  As the couples enter, I still get nervous watching Cloris on the stairs.  Man, there are some low cut bikinis lines tonight.  A LOT of wax was used in bringing us tonight’s program.

First up are Maurice and Cheryl.  I personally have refrained from making any comments on Cheryl’s weight thus far, because 10 pounds on Cheryl Burke may be noticeable, but there’s no way on earth it makes her fat, as many bloggers and fans have said.  She had a nice article in People last week addressing the issue and people’s nasty comments and all I can say is Bravo, Cheryl.  Thanks for saying something.  I guarantee you the a-holes who are calling her fat would get winded doing a lap around the couch in between buckets of chicken.

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