Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars: Results (Mar 17)

It’s the first results show of the season, and there’s already some controversy afoot, which I’ll talk about at the end of this recap.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy kicks things off, backing the pros (Julianne, Mark, Derek, Lacey, Cheryl and Tony) with a tune called “The Calloway Boogie”.  I loves me some good swing music and the dancing that goes with it.  These guys are so money, they don’t even know they’re money, ya know?

Tom reminds us of Steve-O’s injury from yesterday, and throws it back to Samantha to interview him.  We see footage of Steve-O on the stretcher, obviously in pain.  He explains that his bad idea to do the flip became even a worse idea right before dress rehearsal (whatever that means) and that’s what got him “ambulanced” to the hospital.  My source (let’s call him Harry Burns from now on, shall we?) tells me that the reason Lacey got her ass handed to her by the judges last night was that even though the flip might have been Steve-O’s idea, he asked her about taking off the mic pack and she told him he would be fine rehearsing with it on.  Ooops.    (In all fairness, if an “accident” meant I didn’t have to keep spending time with Steve-O, I’d probably be up in the rafters rigging a light to fall on him. – EJ)

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