Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars: Results, Week 10

Previously on Dancing with the Stars:Well, pretty much the whole season.Take my word for it, it was pretty great.
Here we are for the semi-final elimination show.You can tell it’s going to be an exciting night because Samantha Harris brought extra cleavage.Tom Bergeron kicks it to the musical number, Raphael Saadiq, formerly of Tony! Toni! Tone!Now, I’m a little confused because he looks about twenty years younger than his picture on wikipedia.Is he a younger clone or something?He sounds good, and it’s a fun song, though the dancing leaves something to be desired.I think they’re his dance troupe, because they mostly just punch the air in time to the music.The musical number is ridiculously short, which is sort of a trend this season.
Tom recaps last night’s performances, and we’ve been there already.It’s pretty amazing that Gilles Marini pulled a perfect 60 though, isn’t it?Has anybody done that before?Kristi Yamaguchi probably, but I can’t be sure.Somebody look that up for me!(Man, I need a staff.)

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