Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Results: Week 5 (Oct 22)

Last night, Warren was perhaps a bit underscored, while Brooke and Cody were kind of overscored, and Len talked about Susan’s knickers.  Who’s going home tonight?  Let’s find out LIVE!  As the credits roll, I finally realize what’s off about this season…not enough Edyta.

Apparently, right after the show last night, the judges sat down and had a totally spontaneous chat about what they’d just seen.  Len thought the night might be a disaster, with four new dances, but says he was wrong.  Bruno says some succeeded and some were lost.  Carrie Ann points out Warren’s way of being really serious to start each routine and then getting into it and playing to the crowd once he realizes he’s doing well.  They all feel Cody’s really keeping up with Julianne.  Len says he couldn’t give Brooke and Derek a 10 for a jitterbug, because it would be like giving an Oscar to Mickey Mouse.  Well, they gave one to Cuba Gooding Jr., who capitalized on said award by making the Walt Disney classic Snow Dogs, so it’s all really a moot point, isn’t it?

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