Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars: Results, Week 9

Last night on Dancing with the Stars:  All of the stars performed two dances.  The judges were full of snippy comments and high scores.  Bruno was inappropriate, Tom was hilarious, Samantha was Samantha.  The wannabe pro’s were assigned celebrity partners, and Anna made her long-awaited return to the DWTS stage.  All things considered, it was pretty great.
The encore dance tonight is Melissa Rycroft’s samba.  You know what I like about her?  Check out that smile.  She’s not trying to tell the story of the dance or project to the back rows.  She is so damn happy to be up there, because she’s getting a chance to do something awesome that she turned out to be really good at.  I mean, getting d-bagged on national TV on The Bachelor should have been this horrifying experience, but it led to her being able to do something really cool and fun, and she knows it.  I just love how excited she is about this.
They recap the dances, and we get a little reminder of how hilarious Ty Murray’s solo was.  And then in an interview he explains that he was watching Jewel during his dance and “Mommy like”.  I can’t decide if that was funny or creepy.  I’m feeling charitable tonight, so I’ll go with funny.

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