Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars: Results, Week Five

Previously on Dancing with the Stars, wow – actually they dropped an interesting fact.  Steve-O and Lacey are the only couple on the show that’s been in the Bottom Two up to this point.  This season has very clear lines dividing “Good”, “Average”, and “Bad”, and we’ve almost used up the Bad.
Hey, Tom Bergeron!  Remember when you hosted the Emmys?  How did they broadcast that?  LIIIIIIIIVVVVE!
Despite the fact that Samantha Harris’ dress makes her look drunk, they’re not screwing around tonight.  Len doesn’t even get to do his how bit about how they chose the encore dance – they just get right into it.  It’s Li’l Kim and Derek, even though Gilles and Cheryl were better.  This one was still good, though.  I hate this song, though.  I can’t figure out the chorus.  Is he actually saying “I’ll be the greatest fan of your life”?  I just can’t get a read on that line.  There’s also something that doesn’t reveal its dead, which is a weird line for a song that sensitive dudes always want to sing on Karaoke night. (Right there with you!–Myndi)

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