Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Season 10 Finale!

Every klieg light in Los Angeles is on the floor in the ballroom and our Female Pros are suddenly Vegas showgirls.  Eventually, the entire cast of Season 10 is there.  Seriously, all they’re asking Kate Gosselin to do is bounce a little bit and smile while standing against a railing and she can’t even do that properly.  Another thing she can’t do?  Walk.  No, really.  All the other couples dance out onto the floor by way of introduction, while she and Tony WALK, and she manages to screw the pooch on that too.  This woman is so infuriating. Hey, Kate?  The elderly gentleman who walked on the moon managed to shuffle his feet, learn to keep up. In other news, Chad suffered a football injury, so he won’t be dancing with Cheryl tonight.

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