Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars – Season 10 Finals, Part 1

Previously on Dancing with the Stars:Well, a lot of stuff, really.I mean, we’re in the Finals now.
Hey, Tom Bergeron!I’m still an emotional and physical wreck after the Lost finale.How about if you just make it easy on me this week?Thanks, man.It’s…LIIIIIIIIVVVVEEE!!!
We’re down to our final three couples – Evan Lysacek and Anna, Nichole Scherzinger and Derek, and Erin Andrews and Maks.They’re all really good.I have my favorite, of course, but this is a really impressive Finals line-up.
Once again this week, Anna throws the horns in the opening lineup, and Nicole throws the horns incorrectly.Index finger, Scherzinger!You’re forgetting the index finger!Tom and Brooke tell us that they’re going to perform four dances over the next two nights.Tonight we’re going to see the Redemption Dance, where they get another shot at the dance where the judges feel they should have excelled, and the Freestyle round.I love the Freestyle so much, you guys.I wait all season for this.(And for DanceCenter.)
All right, let’s get to the dancing!
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