Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars – Season 10, Performance Week 3

Previously on Dancing with the Stars:Nicole Scherzinger got a couple of 10’s in her second week, Kate Gosselin has a meltdown and followed up on that by not dancing well, Cheryl seemed inappropriately smitten with Ochocinco, and as Joel McHale put it, Shannen Doherty continued her tradition of being the first person asked to leave every show she’s on.
Hey, Tom Bergeron!What was the name of Warren Zevon’s debut album?Wanted Dead or A—something?Oh yeah, LIIIIIIIIVVVVVVE!!!!!
Did you know that last week, Dancing was the most watched show in America?I take that as sort of a point of pride, just like when one of the shows I recap wins an Emmy.(And I recap Heroes, which neither wins Emmys nor ratings, so this is very exciting for me.)So tired of the American Idol recap crew lording it over us all year…So congratulations, DWTS!
This week, each dance will tell a story – drama, intrigue, romance!(I do not like Cheryl and Chad being used to underscore that last point.)Possibly even action, mystery, science-fiction, or erotic horror!That would make for a weird show, you have to admit.There’s a montage of stars and dancers talking about their stories, but I’ll get to them in time.
The dances this week include the Waltz, the Quickstep, and the Paso Doble, and there’s a big pro demonstration which includes at least a couple of the people who didn’t get partnered up this season, like Lacey, Jonathan, and New Anna.Also there’s Maks’ brother.But no Kym.I miss her.
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