Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars: Season 10, Performance Week 4

Previously on Dancing with the Stars:Buzz Aldrin went home, and Kate Gosselin is still on the show.That’s all you need.
Hey, Tom Bergeron!I still have to write a Lost Pre-Game tonight, so how about if you just give me a free one?It’s… LIIIIIIVVVVVVEEE!!!!!!!
So this week is the “Double Score Showdown”, where everybody gets two scores, one for technique and one for performance.Is it cynical to think that this is just a way for the high scorers to double up and make the gulf between good and bad so large as to mitigate the effects of the call-in vote?That’s right, I’m assuming the producers want Kate out just as much as I do.
They’ve declared it “Passion Night”, and there is a regrettable neon sign that says “Hot Hot Hot”.Yeah, what this show needs is to look more like a strip club.
There’s a long segment where the judges talk about what they want to see from each star, but I’d rather recap the dancing than recap them restating what they’ve previously said.So come on, show!Make with the dancing!
Here they are, from first to worst.
Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya (52/60) – Last week, they (deservedly) topped the leader board.Len reminds him that he needs to tuck his bum, which sounds dirtier than it is.He’s got two broken toes, so Anna tries not to hurt him any more than he already is.
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