Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars – Season 10, Performance Week 6

Previously on Dancing with the Stars: Movie Night brought a bunch of really cool dances, and also Kate Gosselin’s. We learned that she has never seen The Breakfast Club, which lends credence to the “Kate is a robot” theory. Kate finally went home, and we don’t know how they’re going to fill all that air time that previously was devoted to making her feel better about herself.
Two things before we begin: First, you should try to catch last week’s episode of The Soup if you can – our buddy Bruno made an appearance. And almost all of him appeared, since he got down to his briefs before it was over. It was… something. Also, he is surprisingly short. He’s Seacrest-height! Second, Evan Lysacek’s Stars on Ice tour comes to Grand Rapids this Wednesday. This means that Anna is going to be in my hometown this week. Can you even imagine? Does my hair look OK?
Hey, Tom Bergeron! You know what? Allergy season started, and I’m kind of off my game. Can you just give me a free one this week? Really? Thanks! It’s… LIIIIIIIIVVVEEE!!! Hey, this week there’s also a Swing Dance Marathon, and around here, Dance Marathons always remind us of that Gilmore Girls episode. You know, I never really got all the way over Rory and Dean’s break-up, until Dean returned for one episode and he was a jerk to Luke. From that moment on, we were enemies.
They’re getting right to the action, so I’ll follow suit. And here are the performances, from first to worst:

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