Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars – Season 10, Performance Week 7

Previously, on Dancing with the Stars: Tom Bergeron turned me into a nervous wreck by making me wait until the last minute to reveal that Evan and Anna were safe. Jake Pavelka was eliminated and immediately went looking for another reality show so he didn’t have to go back to work.
Hey, Tom Bergeron! When Joe Biden dropped the f-bomb a little while back, was the microphone turned off or was it… LIIIIIIVVVVVEEEE! Hey, number one show in America again last week! I feel like that reflects well on us and our entertainment choices. We get a Team Cha-Cha this week, too. That should be all kinds of fun. I’m pretty geeked, are you? Nobody is dressed too insane this week, either. Everybody looks fairly elegant, albeit very sparkly.
Time for dances! And this week, I’ll mix it up and put then in the actual order from the show. I’m going all sequential upside your head!
Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy (27/30) – This was the controversial one last week, with Len getting sick and tired of all the fooling around, Maks arguing on-air, and then going around saying that Len is getting too old. I really hope they get it together, because I do not like fights in my Dancing family. Well, Carrie Ann and Tony were pretty funny, but they only really fought about lifts. In rehearsal, Maks says the dance has to be a “super frickin’ Quicksteppy situation”, which makes me laugh harder than it should. He says that he’s sticking to Len’s rules, but might take his pants off at the end. I think he’s actually serious, because Erin seems to think he means it. They actually argue about his disrobing, and this has taken an odd turn. I like it better when they fake fight, you know?

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