Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars – Season 11, Elimination Week 1

Previously on Dancing with the Stars: The Stars ran the gamut from awesome (Jennifer Grey) to cringe-inducingly bad (Margaret Cho, The Situation). Len got cranky early and stayed that way. Carrie Ann wept openly. Bruno said a lot of weird and inappropriate things. So we’re picking up right where we left off, basically.

We open with a weird behind-the-scenes montage, showing the dancers zipping around backstage while the musicians and crew make their final preparation. That was actually kind of cool. And Tom Bergeron doesn’t even get to talk before Announcer Man introduces Santana. He and his band are playing “Oye Como Va” while Cheryl and Tony, Kym and Maks, and Anna and Corky dance. Strangely, the camera focuses mostly on Santana, who is not really a magnetic performer. Dude doesn’t interact with the audience, and there are cool dancers who we like doing stuff just off camera. It’s a weird choice.

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