Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars-Season 11, Performance, Week 5

Previously on Dancing with the Stars:  Acoustic night brought us a wide range of performances, some amazing, some hilariously bad.  The Situation was eliminated, which we all kind of knew was coming, and we no longer have to pretend it’s funny when he sticks the word “situation” in his interview answers.  Seriously, he has Sudden Death Syndrome, and we’re just being nice to him because his mother called, right?

It’s TV Theme Week, which I am totally excited about.  Tom and Brooke are similarly excited, and Brooke is back in Cleavage Town, after a brief vacation last week.  The judges are going to be talking about what it will take for each of the stars to win, but unless they say something crazy or hilarious, I’m going to skip past that stuff.  There’s a lot of dancing to recap, after all!  But man, they are really taking up a lot of time with this bit.  It feels like somebody’s caught in traffic and they’re stalling for time.  “Hey, how about if you guys just talk until Harold Wheeler gets here?”  Did I oversleep, and this is actually the Results Show?  This is a crazy amount of filler. (I think it all comes down to the network forcing this to be two hours every week, even when they hit the halfway point.  Stupid ABC.–Myndi)

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  1. For the record, Maurice Greene is not dead. I don’t know why I threw the word “Memorial” in there….

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