Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars-Season 11, Performance, Week 6

Tom and Brooke greet us swathed in black ensembles and Tom is sans necktie, which can mean only one thing…Rock Week!  Is Bruno wearing a leather jacket? There are a LOT of corsets, bustiers and military looking ensembles.  And don’t even get me started on the devil may care attitude the show displayed for both pyrotechnics and air cannons this week!  We’ve got a big night of Tangos and Pasos and the Stars Hollow Dance Marathon, plus some crazy list of the top 10 routines ever performed on the DWTS floor to fill in that first half hour that ABC needs to pad because they didn’t have any more good sitcoms in development.  Did you know there’d been almost 1000 routines to date?  That’s a lot of music to have been butchered by the house band, huh?  

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