Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars – Season 11, Results Week 4

Last night, Dancing with the Stars got all fancy with acoustic performances and a smaller stage. Also, they threw in the Double Score Showdown, which is a lot to deal with in a single week. Jennifer Grey was fantastic, Florence Henderson was surprisingly dirty, and The Situation was an absolute mess. Who will be eliminated… tonight?

Hi, Tom and Brooke! Brooke looks really pretty tonight, and is even dressed fairly modestly after this season’s Cleavage Fest. And we’re going to jump right into it by revealing the fates of three couples. Well, not their ultimate fates – they’re going to live through the show. Let’s not get too dramatic here. They’re starting with the top three couples, so it’s not terribly surprising that Audrina Patridge, Brandy, and Jennifer are all safe. I mean, I could have written that before the show started.

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