Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars–Season 11, The Finals Part 1

It’s night one of the finals! First, each of our couples had a redemption dance, assigned by the judges, followed by the freestyles. Tomorrow, there will be two more dances apiece, but there were no details given on that tonight. Kyle & Lacey have to dance the foxtrot (27), which was deemed crappy since it had a 70s schtick back during TV Week. Len came by to help Kyle improve his technique. “Feelin’ Good” is a great song to dance this routine to, as it allows Kyle to emphasize his strong arms and pointed toes. Len liked the footwork and the dance overall. Bruno says his technique is greatly improved. Carrie Ann thought Kyle could do better and was a little too much in his head at the start, worrying about his footwork, and is looking forward to his freestyle. One question: Why the HELL is Omarosa there? This is really not going to help get you votes, Kyle.

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