Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars Season 12 – Performance Week 5

Previously on Dancing with the Stars:  Sugar Ray and Anna were eliminated and I was in a foul mood all week.  How are you people not voting for Anna en masse?  She’s adorable!  Hopefully, one day I’ll be able to trust you again.  Also, Kendra Wilkinson was at the bottom in the judge’s scores and Hines Ward ruled the roost.  Who knew a football player would be good on this show, right?

Hey, Tom Bergeron!  Fill in the blank – “Fred Willard was the first (blank)-action performer to appear in a Pixar movie.”  Oh yeah, it’s LIIIIIIIIIVVVVVE!!!!!!  This week, we’re celebrating America on the show that probably has more foreign citizens in the regular cast than anything else on network TV, other than the news.  Also, as Myndi pointed out, wouldn’t this be a good week for a Passover-themed episode?  Tell me you don’t want to see Ralph Macchio quickstep to a round of “Hava Nagila”.  You can’t tell me that, because you totally want exactly that.

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