Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars Season 12 – Performance Week Three

Previously on Dancing with the Stars, Psycho Mike, despite being more charming than you’d expect from somebody named “Psycho Mike” was the first one eliminated, joining the Kenny Mayne Hall of Fame.  It’s Story Night tonight, which has delivered us some real insanity in the past, so I’m very excited.

Hey, Tom Bergeron!  How is Warren Zevon wanted?  Something like “Dead or a….LIIIIIIIVVVVVE!!!”  Brooke and Tom get straight to business, rolling out the couples with barely a preamble.  This week, each star had to pick a song that is especially meaningful to them, and then create a routine that explains the song’s importance.  That’s a cool premise, and I have to assume somebody’s going to cry.  Probably Wendy Williams, at the very least.  We get a quick montage of rehearsal footage, including Romeo being a pissy jerk and Anna being adorable.  Neither of these things should be surprising.

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