Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Season 12, Results Week 5

Last night, Kendra Wilkinson may or may not have won some sort of Supermarket Sweep-esque shopping spree by doing the 1000th competitive dance.  Plus, she was dressed as bunting.  And Hines and Kym were somehow forced to a rumba to “Proud to be an American”, which should simply not have been allowed to occur.  Especially since Kym confirmed her non-citizenship tonight.  (I’m teasing of course; it shouldn’t have happened because it was heinous.)

Toby Keith is here to sing “Shoulda Been a Cowboy”.  I have never heard this song in my life.  My knowledge of country music in the 90s pretty much starts and ends with Garth Brooks.  Whoa—did Maks bump into Lacey when she was supposed to go through his legs or some other such trick?  You rarely see that stuff happen with the pro dances.

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