Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars Season 12 – Results Week 6

Previously on Dancing with the Stars:  You know what, all of the dancing was overshadowed by the news that Chris Jericho fronts a heavy metal band called Fozzy, and the clip of the “I’m Still Standing” video with Judge Bruno as a backup dancer.  Romeo and Chelsea Kane rocked it, while poor Jericho scored even lower than Ralph Macchio whose partner actually fell down during the dance. 

The results show was preceded by a clip show recapping the season thus far.  I think that’s the second one so far this season, and I’m watching it on fast forward just to see if there are any new performances or anything recap-worthy.  It’s really just the judges dissecting individual dances with commentary from former contestants.  It’s sort of interesting, but nothing that really warrants recapping, since it is itself a recap.  Recap a recap and it turns into one of those Russian nesting dolls, full of tinier versions of itself.

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