Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars, Season 12 – Week 8 Performances

Previously on Dancing with the Stars:  Guilty Pleasures week was a lot more fun than America week, if only because nobody had to dance to “Yankee Doodle Dandy”.  Chris Jericho had a bad week, and he and Cheryl were eliminated.  Clearly, I should no longer profess my support of any contestant, because apparently that’s a freaking Death Note.  Or I could just start rooting for Kendra and let nature take its course.

Hey Tom Bergeron!  I actually had kind of a long day – can you give me this one free?  Thanks, man!  It’s LIIIIIIIIIIVVVE!!!!!  And tonight, we have the Team Dance competition.  Those are always super-fun to watch.  According to Brooke, tonight we’re paying tribute to “the best of the best”, and I don’t think she means that late 80s martial arts movie.  That would make for a weird theme episode.

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  1. The second Team Dance song was by one of my least favorite “artists” on the planet, Ke$ha. I loathe her. You were right on the first song, btw. The TRON and Mr. Rogers references were perfect (and hilarious) but I also saw shades of a latter day Barry Manilow when I looked at Donnie, also. Jinkies. I can’t believe Kendra might live another day.

  2. Anne Price

    I thought that Donnie was a Martin Short character. I like Romeo. I’m hoping Kendra goes.

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