Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars – Season 9, Performance Week 2

Previously on Dancing with the Stars:An absolutely absurd number of celebrities danced at wildly varying skill levels.Ashley Hamilton and Macy Gray were eliminated, only I don’t think Macy knows.Also, Len and Bruno seem to hate each other.Everybody on board?We’ve got 14 dancers tonight.14!
Hey, Tom Bergeron!How did they broadcast the third season of the FOX sitcom Roc?Oh yeah,LIIIIIIIIIIVVVVE!
Samantha Harris is wearing a dress with one sleeve.I don’t care for it, because it makes her unclad arm look tiny.But it’s all forgotten when Aaron Carter shows up in his green tuxedo, but we’ll get to that later.Also, Len is gone this week, and Baz Luhrmann is sitting in.Boy, last time I saw him, he was desperately trying to convince people to see Australia.(Note:He failed.)
All right, let’s get to the dancing.For your convenience, they’re ranked by score from first to worst.
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