Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Season 9, Performance Week 6 (Oct 26)

So, let’s see..we’ve got Waltzes, Jitterbugs and a dance marathon (WTF?) all taking place Live!  What is this, that one episode of The Gilmore Girls (that was really just for EJ!)?  Wow, it’s so funny when I let the credits run and am reminded that Macy Gray and her cherry were once on this season.  It seems like a whole different world now, huh?  I have to say a few of these costumes look like they were bought at the Halloween Spirit store.  Donny and Kelly and Mya, for example, look like they’re on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which may only make senseto those who have pre-schoolers.  Lacey, by contrast, is possibly appearing in a low budget porno later.  I don’t know.

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