Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars: Season 9, Performance Week 7

Previously on Dancing with the Stars:A lack of votes got poor Melissa Joan Hart eliminated, and a Dance Off ended with Louie Vito being shown the door.The stars are dropping like flies, and now they’re learning two dances a week.

Hey Tom Bergeron!I had a long day, how about just giving me a freebie?That’s right, we’re LIIIIIVVVVEEE!This week, we have drama, tears, and more illness.This last one might work out all right, because we see a shot of Mark Dacascos practicing with Anna.Yes, this is a positive development.Tom and Samantha introduce a gaggle of pros to do a team number, and I take this time to think about how weird it is that we haven’t seen Julianne Hough all season.I know she was already talking about taking some time off last season, but she’s been a pretty significant part of the show since Season Four, and it just seems strange that she hasn’t dropped by at all.Anyway, tonight they’ll be bringing back the Team Dances, with one team taking the Tango and the other on the Paso Doble.My two favorite dances!And it’s getting better, because when they introduce the couples, Mark is paired with Anna Trebunskaya.Hooray!

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