Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars Season 9, Results Week 6

Previously on Dancing with the Stars:We had our first ever Dance Marathon, which saw Joanna Krupa come out on top, just after Rory and Dean broke up and right before the gang won back Paddy’s.(If you think Myndi and I will ever get tired of Gilmore Girls references, you are sorely mistaken.)
Tom and Samantha are not messing around tonight, and they introduce Taylor Swift before any talk of dancing.Now, I’ma let you finish, Taylor.No disrespect but…Sorry, what?I’m about a month late with that joke?Crap.You know, it’s not like my iPod is full of Taylor Swift, but that girl impresses me.She’s like 14 years old, and she’s just so, I don’t know, assured.It’s like she’s a tiny grown-up.
They recap last night’s dances, and since I’m getting a late start, I’ll just let them do so without butting in.Although I will say that Louie Vito dropping Chelsie is especially hilarious when they add a “THUNK” sound effect and the screen shakes.Hee.The DWTS editors are the gift that keep on giving.
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