Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars: Season 9, Week 4 – Performances

Hi all!  I have to start with a question…did we really need to add four new dance styles to this show?  The Two Step, Bolero, Charleston and Lambada will be appearing tonight.  Great–I always thought Bolero was just a style of jacket, the Lambada only existed in bad movies and I don’t think anyone can really top the Charleston done by Pete and Trudy Campbell on Mad Men, but I guess we’ll see…LIIIIIIIIIVE!!

You can so tell who’s got which dance by the costumes this time around.  And it’s also noted that these dance styles are not what the pros are accustomed to teaching, so they’re clearly mining for dramatic gold there.  Plus, lifts are OK if it “fits the style of the dance”, so Carrie Ann can take a rest from being the Lift Police. Let’s see how our eleven remaining couples ranked:

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