Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars: Season 9, Week 5 – Results

Previously on Dancing with the Stars:Debi Mazar was eliminated, because America couldn’t remember that she was on the show.Tom DeLay left for medical issues, and also because the universe was being merciful.Now we’re in a position where the lowest scoring dancers are genuinely fun to have on the show, so the next elimination could hurt. (And also, there’s Aaron.–Myndi)

Tom Bergeron points out that the ladies scored a lot better than the men last night.He doesn’t mention that the four new dances felt too gimmicky.But, you know, they’d probably frown on that.Hey Tom Bergeron!Did you see that Tom Waits’ “Glitter and Doom” is coming out next month?Is that a studio album?Oh, my mistake, it’s LIIIIIIIVVVVE!

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