Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars: Season 9, Week 7 – Results (Nov 4)

Previously on Dancing with the Stars:The Team Dances were awesome, the judges were slap-happy, and in a most welcome turn of events, Anna replaced the ailing Lacey as Mark Dacascos’ partner.Everybody freaked out every time Joanna did anything at all, and somehow they managed not to have the cast of V in the audience.
Hey Tom Bergeron!I lost my glasses.What does it say in white letters up in the corner of the screen?Oh yeah, LIIIIIVVVVEEEE!!!!They jump right into the encore performance, which is the Team Tango.I liked the individual segments of the Paso better, but the group bits for the Tango were much better.Applauding in the front row is a guy who I’m pretty sure played a waiter on Curb Your Enthusiasm this week.I realize that’s not likely, but it sure looks like him.
As always, Tom and Samantha remind us of last night’s dances.Mostly, I’m just reminded that last night was a really weird show. The judges were goofy, especially when Len was taking shots at the other two and Bruno wore Louis’ pants as a boa.I think this is the point in the season when Len and Bruno start to lose it from flying back and forth across the Atlantic every week.

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