Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars: Season Eight, Performance Week Two (Mar 17)

Who’s ready for another night of the most dangerous show on TV?
Previously, on Dancing with the Stars: Trauma Center, Jewel and Nancy O’Dell dropped out before the season even started. Last minute replacements came to the rescue. Since then, everybody on the show named “Steve” has gotten hurt. What has this world come to?
Hey, Tom Bergeron! It’s been a long time. Hit me straight up. LIIIIIIIIIVVVE!
Man, the new set is pretty snazzy. Samantha Harris is dressed like the statue of Justice, if Justice had washed her robe in the same load as a plush grimace. As the couples are introduced, Lacey Schwimmer comes down the stairs all by herself, with no Steve-O to be seen. Not that I’m really missing Steve-O, but at least it bears mention.
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