Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars, Season Nine, Week 2 Elimination

Last night, an insane amount of people danced 90 second routines with almost no injuries, and what appears to be copious amounts of fake hair.

Bruno made a dirty joke about riding Joanna hard, Chuck had makeup on the side of his head; Mark and Melissa looked like Mickey Mouse; Louis worried the judges “harshed their mellow”; Mark recovered from an early stumble because Chelsea is his “rock”; Debi and Maks got a bit violent in their tango; Michael Irvin improved his score “by a touchdown” over last week; Tom worked through his foot injury; Kathy delivered an unexciting tango and Kelly calls herself “crap” in the interview.  Donny felt young again and both Aaron and Mya kicked so much butt they look like ringers.  Mya gets the encore, probably because the Muppets had a gig in The Valley to get to tonight.  Um, why is Mickey Rourke there and what is under the hat he has on his head?  (You don’t want to know. – EJ)

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