Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars – Season 11, Results, Week 5

Tom and Brooke greet us and Brooke says last night gave us some of the most entertaining performances so far. Brooke’s dominatrix wear is distracting me, though.  I think Tom feels the same way.

We revisit Kyle and Lacey and Bristol and Mark’s performances first. Bristol’s, in particular, was a disaster, yet Len gave her a higher score than Kyle.  Crazy Brit.  Sympathy is very much in play, it seems, as both of the lowest scoring couples are safe to dance again.  I must say this does not bode well for Florence.

Brandy and Maks get the encore for their Friends’ themed quickstep. It’s as sharp and adorable as it was last night. Tom introduces the first of what I assume will be several fake commercials for products the stars are endorsing.  Up first is the DVD “Bring It Like Bruno” which teaches moves like The King Tut, The Tight End (Lord) and The Naughty Puma.  But wait, there’s more!  A bonus DVD “Bring It Like Bruno (A Little Harder)” features some of my faves, like The Lawn Mower and The Sprinkler, but doesn’t have The Telephone or The Shopping Cart, which are two staples of mine. Mark and Lacey cheese it up in the background.  Neither of them should attempt acting careers.  How many people do you want to bet dial the 1-800 number given at the end?

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