Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With The Stars: Season 11, Semi-Finals Results!

I can’t recall a season of DWTS where I’ve had more deep, meaningful conversations with people about the show, and who deserves to be in the finals.  Pathetic or fascinating?  You make the call!

Annie Lennox performs a song called “Universal Child”, which is on her upcoming Christmas album.  Annie’s one of those singers I could listen to read the phonebook, so this is lovely to me.  Toss in an interpretive modern dance from a gorgeous (and limber!) couple, the male of whom is shirtless, and we have a winner.

There’s a smaller filler package about how much all four semi-finalists have learned in the process of being on the show.  It’s one big daily affirmation after another.

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  1. DWTS is the only reality show I watch, and it’s now been ruined by politics. I’m no fan of Brandy’s, but she’s clearly better than Bristol.

    Derek’s expression after the final announcement said it all. WTH?!

    I want Kyle to win, but I’m really scared that Bristol just might win that mirrorball trophy.

  2. I have never watched this show until this season. And this season I have watched it for one reason only – to watch Bristol get voted off. It has become clear that insanity has grabbed ahold of this nation where a political group has decided to seize control of a freaking dance show to prove their ‘power’. I have begun to fear that she will actually win.

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