Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars – The Season 12 Finale!

Previously on Dancing with the Stars:  Three people who are basically pleasant and have done a good job made it to the finals.  Also, none of them are famous for dance, or anything dance-related.  This is more unusual than you might think.  We’re down to Hines Ward, Chelsea Kane, and Kirstie Alley for the Mirrorball.  Hines (and partner Kym) had an especially awesome freestyle last night.  Will that be enough to win it?  We’re going to find out, and it’ll only take two full hours!

We open with Tom Bergeron defining “journey”, an unfortunate confluence of two clichés – leading off with a definition and using the word “journey” on a reality show.  His opening narration makes it seem like they’re all shark attack survivors – it’s a little dramatic.  And then, a big dance number with a whole mess of pros.  The stars from the season come out and pair up with their pros, and a confetti cannon goes off.

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