Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars–The Semifinals (May 13)

Tom sets the stage for the night by reminding us that three months ago, twelve stars embarked on a journey and one by one, their dreams were shattered.  Well, way to focus on the positive, there, Tom.  He also says that friendship means nothing at this stage of the competition.  Oh no, you cannot stop the Bromance, so don’t even try.  It’s bigger than all of us.  Cristian and his nipples are labeled as the comeback kid(s), as we get a peek at the random selection of dances.  It’s all happening LIIIIIIVE!

As Tom and Samantha greet us, I will defer to EJ for the description of her gown:  “Samantha’s dress this week makes her look like an Old West prostitute.  She’s just a flocked velvet top hat away from being Joanie Stubbs.”  There’s a big prize for whoever gets that reference!  Answer in the comments section below.  We are told that we after a brief sojurn in LiftLand, we are back to the old rules, but I think I missed why that was.  Len advises that although good dancing was enough to get to this point, he and the other judges expect great dancing from here on out.  Yes, Len, keeping telling yourself that there’s no part of this that is strictly a popularity contest.

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