Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars Week 2: 12 Ladies (and Men) Dancing! (Mar 25)

Last week, we got to know our new crop of Dancing Stars. This week, they’re all back for another round. Twelve dances in two hours. That sounds like a lot, but there’s always room for filler!

Right off the bat, Samantha Harris has trouble with the word “dreaded”. Girl’s a bit of a mushmouth. Thank God she doesn’t have a job that requires her to talk in front of people.

First up is Steve Guttenberg, who found himself on the low end of the pack last week. My dancing girlfriend, Anna Trebunskaya, spends the first bit of the video yelling at him and punching him in the back. She confesses that she may be too mean, so she brings in her mother, Irina. Irina loves Steve because she loves the first PoliceAcademy, (which makes me laugh harder than anything else all night) and she’s also scared of Anna. Anna’s mom is awesome.

Steve and Anna are busting out a mambo, and it’s not bad. It’s a little awkward, and it’s slow, but he knows the choreography, and he’s so darned excited. At one point, he does an excited fist pump which doesn’t help the dance but makes me like him more. All in all, it’s kind of mechanical, but Anna’s supporting him pretty well, and it looks all right. It doesn’t scream “mambo” to me, but I don’t know much about dancing. Mostly what I’ve learned from this show involves spray tan and body glitter.

Len opens with an awkward cooking analogy which is just an excuse to say “spotted dick”. Bruno likes his facial expressions, but not his body.

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