Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars: Week 3 Performances (Oct 7)

In the intro to tonight’s show, Misty’s terrible injury is foreshadowed, and the show itself is said to be America’s “most watched”, which is true.  A lot of drama is promised, actually.  I’m starting to think this season is a little cursed.  I’ve been too busy today to surf around and find out more about this injury, but I’m kind of nervous because I heard on the radio that they might throw Kim’s giant ass back on my TV as a replacement.  That would send me over the edge.

As the couples enter–minus Misty and Maks, which is instantly telling, of course–we see that Rocco is wearing a dust ruffle as a shirt and Toni is done up like Marie Antoinette.  Since tonight’s dances are the Jive and the Viennese Waltz, the costumes are all pretty over the top.  Tom promises an in-depth interview with Misty later in the show.  That sounds pretty decisive to me, but the show refuses to nail it down quite yet.

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