Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars: Week 4 Double Elimination! (Mar 31)

There will be a double elimination tonight, and we can only hope it’s two of the people who have actual injuries they should be home nursing.  Fingers crossed!  Samantha’s voice is still toast, and Tom reminds us that there is an 18 point disparity between the top and bottom scores.
We are forced to relive the horrible routines of Holly, Woz and Steve-O.  Can we just have a triple elimination and get all three of these couples out of here?  Also, I’m not that impressed by Ty.  Cheryl tells Gilles she didn’t see anybody else in the ballroom but him while they were dancing.  If I didn’t know she had a hot Abercrombie & Fitch model for a boyfriend, I might think she had a crush.
Hey, it’s Big Bird!  No, wait, that’s just Len wearing a canary yellow dress shirt with his black suit to introduce the encore dance for the first time this season.  It is Gilles and Cheryl, and deservedly so.  It’s perfect again, and they get another standing ovation.

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