Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars–Week 5 Results

Tom says we won’t want to miss what happens tonight. I hope he’s means what I think he means.

All the couples are assembled on the staircase.  Nicole & Derek are the first safe couple.  When it’s announced that they’re in the bottom two, I can’t figure out what Kate says to Tony, even on three rewinds.  Please let this be the night.

In Len’s recap, Erin is not happy with herself.  Len thinks Jake turned into a leading man, which, blech.  He says Pam didn’t have enough content, and for her part, she admits she messed up a few times.  Len thinks Niecy and Chad have to up their game.  She’s all “a 6, what the hell?” in the confessional. Chad apparently lacks a wow factor and man, I didn’t realize how many tattoos he had until just now.  Len says he would have walked out of the theater had Kate’s dance been an actual movie.  Kate says she knows she’s improving even if the judges can’t see it.  Of course.  Because if the three professional dancers don’t think you’re getting any better, they’re clearly wrong.  Nicole and Evan are  battling for the top spot.  In his excitement over 10’s, Derek actually toppled the bench over in the confessional, and not on purpose.  Evan’s hair needs to be fixed; maybe lose the bangs?  He just looks like a very tall 8 year old.

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