Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars-Week 6 Results (April 14)

We start out tonight’s extravaganza with a encore of Lil Kim and Derek’s jive. I just noticed she’s wearing leg warmers. I wonder how Edyta feels about that. I’m also still concerned that she might pop a boob. I think Len’s nuts to say there wasn’t enough jive content, but I also think her kicks and flicks weren’t quite as strong last night.


In the recap of last night, Steve-O points out that Len gave him a 5 the week he roamed the floor like a deer in headlights having actually forgotten his dance, but when he does what he considers his best dance ever, Len gives him a 4. He says this is “rad”. Stop being so good-natured and affable, Steve-O! I’m going to end up liking you! I am again forced to endure ten seconds of the band killing one of my favorite songs, “Dance, Dance” by Fall Out Boy, which they slowed down for Gilles & Cheryl and it was still too fast.

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