Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars–Week 7 (April 29)

To kick off this seventh week of competition, we are reminded of Kristy’s perfect score, Marlee’s departure, and Mario’s “plunge” to the bottom two.  We are also told this is the most competitive cast ever.  I am offended on behalf of John O’Hurley and and Kelly Monanco (not really).  Each star will have two dances tonight, one each from the Latin and ballroom disciplines. To keep things a tad bit more organized, I’m going to recap tonight’s show by couple rather than chronologically.

Marissa and Tony will be dancing the Tango and The Rumba.  Tom’s voice over says that she emerged as a contender last week.  She is concerned about the sexual nature of the Rumba, as she says she’s only done “fun sexy” before.  Honey, if it ain’t fun, you might be doing it wrong. She also says she’s so flummoxed by having to do two dances in one week, that she’s worried she might start dancing the “Rumbango”.  Aw, she’s starting to grow on me.  It’s just when she starts screaming that I want to smack her around.

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