Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With The Stars: Week 7 Results (Nov 5)

Tom asks us if we’re in for a shock tonight, as they rehash all the crazy team dancing and cranky Len from Monday. Tom & Samantha tease both Lionel Richie and Dance Center, which I’m excited about in completely different ways.

In the recap, Warren slaps himself for sucking the big one in the foxtrot. Susan continues to be the Stuart Smalley of the season. She says, “I think I’m good”, which Tony corrects to “I know I’m good”. Cheryl is proud of Maurice, and accidentally slaps his bad leg. Cody is just happy that Julianne was proud of him, becuase he’s a little boy. Lance explains that the stuff Len calls nonsense was actually “artistic expression”. Brooke and Derek revel in their perfect score. When looking at back at the team cha cha, it was a lot easier to see in retrospect how truly horrific the unison was. I blame Susan, don’t you? The Paso team kicked ass.

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