Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With The Stars: Week 8 Elimination

With so few couples left, the show can only start out by playing the elimination music in the hopes of creating artificial tension to introduce the couples before getting into Len’s recap.  He only liked parts of Evan’s waltz and his futuristic cha cha cha was “too much era, not enough dance”.  He loved Erin’s Argentine Tango, but thought her rumba was “jerky”.  Erin declares being the bottom two “gross” while simulating barfing in her 80s costume.  Like, gag me with a spoon!

Chad and Niecy are “the pretenders” of the group, he says.  And, he’s right.  He calls Nicole’s foxtrot “mesmerizing” and says her 50s paso was “genius”.  I liked EJ’s point, though…it was Derek’s show, and Nicole got sort of lost in all the flash.  Well, let’s see it again, shall we?  Len’s introduces it as possibly the best dance of all ten seasons.  Hmmm, the end looks a lot like Danny Zuko and Chacha DeGregorio dancing at Rydell High.  All that’s missing is someone to hand her the dance marathon trophy.

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