Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars: Week 8 Performances

Tom tells us that last week, we saw the “demise of a diva”.  Oh, was that what that was?  I thought it was the lost Disney sequel, Ms. Pinnochio. This week, there will be two dances apiece, and solos in the Latin round, whatever the hell that means.  And will we watch it on tape? Heck no, this sucker is LIVE!!!

Samantha Harris tells us we’re two weeks away from the finals, which can mean only one thing…it’s almost Thanksgiving!  Yay!  We’re down to just five celebs, so the intros don’t take long.  Is it weird for me to say that Kym’s boobs are great? Well, they are.  I’m pretty sure they’re fake, but they’re spectacular nonetheless.

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