Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars Week 9: Results (Nov 19)

Previously on Dancing with the Stars, Brooke Burke choked in the semifinals. I assume she’s still safe, but that was surprising. Cody Linley biffed his first dance too, but America loves Julianne, so he’s probably OK too. Lance Bass finally impressed the judges, and Warren Sapp remained close to my heart with his crazy big man footwork.
Hey Tom Bergeron! Do you remember how The Drew Carey Show used to air their sweeps episodes? Oh yeah, LIIIIIIIIVVVVE!!!!
Right off the bat, Tom and Samantha Harris (wearing a nice dress that doesn’t rate mockery this week, though I do have an irrational hatred for big earrings) take us to the musical guest, Miss Aretha Franklin. Tom erroneously states that Rolling Stone recently named her the “Greatest Singer of All Time”, when in fact it was “…of the Rock Era”. Still, it’s pretty big. Dancing will be Karina, Louis, some guy I don’t know named Dimitri, and my Dancing girlfriend Anna, making her first appearance of the season.
Aretha’s performing “Chain of Fools”, and really, what can you say? She can still rock it. Her voice hasn’t aged a day, and it’s awesome to see somebody who can still bring their “A” game after all these years. You can see how excited the house band is to be backing up Aretha, by the way. This is big stuff for them.

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