Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With The Stars Week One: The Men

Welcome to the spunkybean ballroom for Dancing With the Stars, season 6!  We’re starting out with a big, huge cast of 12 celebs, double what it was the first season.  People beg to be on this show now, not like back when ABC had to beg their employees (Kelly Monaco and Trista Sutter) to do it!

Tom Bergeron, the best reality show host ever (that’s right; I’m calling Seacrest out!), explains that the stars are “champions in their own fields”, as Marlee Matlin has an Oscar, Penn Jillette has an Emmy, Marissa Jaret Winokur has a Tony, Kristi Yamaguchi has Olympic Gold Medals and Monica Seles has won Grand Slams.  He does not mention the Miami Dolphins record this past season, which is a good call.  Jason Taylor is quite large and muscular and, what?  Oh right, the show!

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