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Hey, did you know there’s another “BLANK with the Stars” show?  That’s right, Dancing leads straight into Skating with the Stars.  And I mean, it leads right in.  The host is on the DWTS set, and then he just takes the mic and walks to the adjoining soundstage, and suddenly we’re on a whole different show.  He does, however, throw his arms open when giving the name of the show, but since he’s using a handheld microphone, he goes completely inaudible.  Tom Bergeron wouldn’t make that mistake.  

Basically, I have to watch this if only to see how it compares to my favorite ballroom dancing show.  And it looks like they’ll be using the format that DWTS used in its first season – one show a week, elimination for the previous week at the end of the episode.  So you have to spend a week rehearsing and performing, even if you’re out of the running.  That’s delightfully sadistic.  Our British host is Vernon Kay and our color commentator is retired ice dancer Tanith Belbin.  Vernon does not have Begeron levels of charisma.

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